Newswise — Reston, VA, May 17, 2017– The Academy for Eating Disorders applauds the stance taken by France to rein in fashion industry pressures on professional models to be extremely thin as a condition of employment. Further, as of October, photos that digitally alter a model’s appearance will be required to be noted as retouched in advertising images. These are likely important steps towards addressing eating disorders, protecting health, and curtailing seemingly impossible beauty standards in models.

Models are now required to provide medical attestation that they are in good physical health. Height, weight and body shape are included in the overall evaluation. Enforcements for law-breaking employers can include fines and possible imprisonment.

In efforts to mitigate the impact of unrealistic beauty ideals by putting a focus on both the health of models and digitally altered photos, France joins Israel and the cities of Madrid and Milan, which have also enacted laws to protect models.

As quoted in a recent New York Times article the Academy for Eating Disorder’s Secretary and Fellow, Dr. Bryn Austin, said, “We may also expect to see ripple effects throughout the global fashion industry, which looks to France as the industry leader.”

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