Newswise — Dr. Rhonda Magel has been a faculty member at North Dakota State University since 1983 and has served as the chair of the Department of Statistics since 1989. Her research areas include nonparametric statistics and sports statistics.

Dr. Magel has presented predictions concerning the NFL Championship Series for more than five years.

In addition, Dr. Magel has been featured in publications in the area of sports statistics and has published papers involving NFL football, NCAA football, NBA Basketball, NCAA men’s and women’s basketball and soccer.

Selected Publications:

  1. Jones, Eric Scot, and Magel, Rhonda (2016). “Predicting Outcomes of NBA Basketball Games”,  Journal of Advance Research in Business, Management, and Accounting, Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2016, Paper -3

  2. Roith, Joseph, and Magel, Rhonda (2017). “Modeling NFL Football Outcomes”, International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics (EPH journal). EPH - International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics (ISSN: 2208-2212), 3, No. 12

  3. Shen, G., Gao, D., Wen, Q., Magel, R. (2016). Predicting Results of March Madness Using Three Different Methods. Journal of Sports Research

  4. Magel, R., Huang, F. (2016). Developing Models to Explain Point Spread of NCAA Division II Basketball Games. JIAATS (June 30, 2016)

  5. Magel, Rhonda and Childress, Geoffrey (2012), Examining the Outcome Effects of the Turnover Margin in Professional Football, accepted by Journal of Sports Science and Engineering

  6. Magel, Rhonda, Cao, Li and Ndungu, Alfred (2011), Comparing the Durbin, Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks Teat, and a Proposed Tests in a Balanced Incomplete Block Design, accepted by The International Journal of Science and Society

  7. Magel, Rhonda, Terpstra, Jeff, and Chang, Chia-Hao (2011), On the Use of Spearman's Correlation Coefficient for Testing Ordered Alternatives, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, Volume 81, Issue 11, pp 1381-1392