Newswise — Rutgers Expert Available to Discuss Risk of Salmonella from Pet Hedgehogs

A Rutgers expert is available to discuss the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s warning about contracting salmonella from pet hedgehogs. To date, 11 people have been infected in eight states.

The CDC also cites possible contamination from other animals kept as pets, including reptiles, amphibians, poultry, birds, rodents, farm animals, dogs, cats and horses.

“Salmonella can cause fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramps,” said Bruce Ruck, managing director of the New Jersey Poison Center at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. “The diarrhea can lead to dehydration, which can be especially problematic in the young and the elderly and those already predisposed to its consequences. To prevent the spread of salmonella from pets, wash your hands with soap and water after petting animals and coming into contact with their food and living areas. Do not put your hands in your mouth or touch your food until your hands are washed.”


Media can reach Ruck at [email protected] or by contacting Alicia Gambino, New Jersey Poison Control, at 973 972 9280 or [email protected].