Newswise — The JFK University Medical Center Neuroscience Institute is proud to announce the addition of Vanessa C. Milano, M.D. and Tasneem Peeraully, M.D.  to its team of widely respected neurosurgeons and neurologists. The pair will become an integral part of Hackensack Meridian JFK University Medical Center Movement Disorders Program, offering access to treatments, research, and clinical trials for Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and other movement disorders.

“JFK University Medical Center is proud to add renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Milano and neurologist, Dr. Peeraully to our Neuroscience Institute,” said Amie Thornton, president, chief hospital executive. “With the addition of Dr. Milano and Dr. Peeraully, we’re expanding our movement disorders program, addressing a growing need for the treatment of movement disorders in our community.” 

Dr. Vanessa C. Milano specializes in the surgical treatment of epilepsy, movement disorders such as essential tremor, Parkinson’s disease and dystonia, trigeminal neuralgia, traumatic brain injuries, brain tumors, spinal disorders, and chronic pain. 

Procedures and treatments performed by Dr. Milano include open epilepsy surgery (including temporal lobectomy, amygdalohippocampectomy), vagal nerve stimulation, invasive epilepsy monitoring (SEEG, depth electrodes, subdural grids and strips), deep brain stimulation (DBS), spinal cord stimulation, microvascular decompression, percutaneous trigeminal rhizotomy, peripheral nerve field stimulation, stereotactic brain lesioning and biopsy, gamma knife radiosurgery, and focused ultrasound. 

Dr. Milano is experienced with laser interstitial thermal therapy (LiTT), now available at JFK. LiTT is a minimally invasive surgery for patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. The treatment uses heat to target and remove the region where the seizures begin. Compared to those who undergo traditional open surgery for epilepsy, which often involves a craniotomy, people who have LiTT often experience less pain after surgery and have a faster recovery period.

After completing medical school at the University of Texas, Dr. Milano completed her neurosurgery residency at the University of Rochester Medical Center. During her residency she received two Strong Star awards in recognition of her exceptional patient care and clinical teamwork. Dr. Milano completed a research fellowship and clinical fellowship in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery at Toronto Western Hospital in Ontario, Canada. Additionally, she formerly participated in clinical trials for focused ultrasound for bilateral essential tremor (BEST), DBS of the fornix for mild Alzheimer’s disease (aDvance II), and DBS of the cerebellum for ataxia.

Dr. Tasneem Peeraully is board certified in neurology and fellowship-trained in movement disorders. Dr. Peeraully evaluates a wide range of neurological conditions, with special interest in Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, essential tremor, corticobasal degeneration, multiple system atrophy, progressive supranuclear palsy, Huntington’s disease, hemifacial spasm, blepharospasm, and tic disorders. Peeraully has extensive training in the application of botulinum toxin. Dr. Peeraully performs botulinum toxin injections for dystonia, spasticity, migraine, hemifacial spasm, blepharospasm, tics, tremor and drooling.

Peeraully joins the Movement Disorders Program, working collaboratively with Dr. Stephen Bloomfield, a board-certified neurosurgeon with more than 30 years of experience, and dedicated movement disorders team including Dr. Anton Svetlanov and Dr. Philip Hanna, the director of the Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center at the JFK Neuroscience Institute.

Dr. Peeraully received an undergraduate degree in neuroscience and her medical degree from University College London. She performed her neurology residency at JFK University Medical Center, where she served as chief resident in her final year. She pursued her fellowship training in movement disorders at the National Neuroscience Institute in Singapore and at UCLA Medical Center. She was previously director of movement disorders at the Atlantic Neuroscience Institute, assistant professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and director of the school’s Center for Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation. 

JFK Neuroscience Institute has a longstanding history of research and medical education in the movement disorders space. It is a major reason Doctors Milano and Peeraully say they chose to work at JFK. JFK Neuroscience Institute has garnered a notable reputation as a leader in neurological research, participating in several clinical trials.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Milano and Dr. Peeraully join the JFK Neuroscience Institute,” said Gregory J. Przybylski, M.D., chair, JFK Neuroscience Institute. “Their expertise in movement disorders and other neurological issues will offer unparalleled treatment for the patients we serve.”

The JFK Neuroscience Institute offers the highest standard of care for neurological illness. Its all encompassing approach to treatment brings together neurologists, neurosurgeons and other specialists including neuropsychologists, case managers, neurointensivists, researchers and neuro-oncologists so that every facet of your illness is cared for.