Newswise — McLean, Virginia, December 29, 2020 – Kasm Technologies, a software provider of VDI and Browser Isolation products, today announced a major new release of Kasm Server. Kasm Technologies container orchestration technology provides an isolated workspace for secure remote access to applications and web services.

Kasm Server 1.8.0 contains a number of changes including custom branding, enhanced session management and SSH key generation.  Additionally, the Developer API has been extended to allow user/group management, session component control and dynamic creation of login links.  Our new CUDA enabled desktop base image also enables scientific and machine learning tools to take advantage of NVIDIA GPUs for high performance computing.

"Kasm Server 1.8.0 brings the ability to customize the logos and splash screens within the UI" said Justin Travis, CEO of Kasm Technologies. "The new branding capabilities allow corporations to wrap the Kasm application so it looks and feels like an internally developed service.  This combined with the enterprise SSO features makes the platform blend into an existing software stack."

“The Developer API for external component development has been significantly enhanced.” said Matt McClaskey, CTO of Kasm Technologies. “The Session Component Control allows developers to disable certain visual elements when programmatically loading a session.”

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Kasm is a web accessible desktop and isolation platform that is focused on accessibility and security by allowing users to access applications in an isolated and fresh environment every time they connect to the web. Individual users and organizational admins have the option to install Kasm on-premise, private cloud or allow us to host it for you on our SAAS Solution. Kasm’s multi-functional and fully customizable platform not only protects users by isolating their personal computers from web threats, phishing, malware and ransomware, but our VDI, Containerized Desktop Infrastructure (CDI) & Remote Access will give your team secure remote access to approved applications and resources, thus providing organizations with peace of mind while training and collaborating in a safe web browsing environment.


Kasm Technologies is a privately held Small Business and is a leading technology company creating software solutions, hosted applications and technology services for customers ranging from government entities to Fortune 500 companies and startups. Kasm was founded by a team of engineers with backgrounds in government and private sectors. We have a wealth of experience in cybersecurity at all layers, in both offensive and defensive postures. This unique perspective gives us an edge on how to truly protect networks from today's advanced persistent threats.