Dear Journalists, 

David A. Potenziani Memorial College Professor of Constitutional Studies Matthew Hall is available for comment on the appointment of Justice Jackson to SCOTUS today. His initial comments are below.

Hall's first book, The Nature of Supreme Court Power (Cambridge University Press, 2011), which won the C. Herman Pritchett Award for the Best Book on Law and Courts from the American Political Science Association, examined the influence of Supreme Court rulings on the behavior of state and private actors. His second book, What Justices Want: Goals and Personality on the U.S. Supreme Court (Cambridge University Press, 2018), explored the role of personality traits in shaping the behavior of Supreme Court justices.

Professor Hall's initial comments:

"Justice Jackson's confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court is a historic moment--the first black woman and only the third black person to join the Court in its two-hundred and thirty year history. She will undoubtedly bring a new perspective to the bench. But the stark reality is that her confirmation will have little practical effect on the Court's rulings in the short term. The Court remains heavily skewed in favor of right-wing jurists, with a 6-3 Republican majority, and it will likely remain so for years to come." I