Device to improve basketball shot wins student business competition

13-May-2019 10:05 AM EDT, by Wichita State University

Newswise — Boosted Ideas Lab, a team of four Wichita State University students, is the winner of the 2019 Shocker New Venture Competition at Wichita State University.

The team's product, the Boost Hoop, is a shot-arc developer and confidence booster for developing basketball players. The Boost Hoop instantly sparks love for the game and naturally reinforces critical shooting skills.

Team members are Jason DeGarmo, Isaac Wilson, Andrew Haden and Logan Cassity. As the winning team, Boosted Ideas Lab won $8,500 and a $1,500 membership to GoCreate.

Hosted by WSU's Center for Entrepreneurship, the competition serves as an opportunity for college students from across the state, from a variety of majors, to take key steps in developing and launching a new business venture. 

Full list of winners:

  • 1st place -- Boosted Ideas Lab
  • 2nd place -- Tech Head: Dedicated to developing bone-conduction technology that will allow employees in noisy environments to maintain hearing protection while allowing employees to effectively communicate in the workplace.
  • 3rd place -- PARROT: A portable wireless mouthpiece that maps natural lingual pressure and motion behaviors. PARROT aims to provide a non-invasive diagnostic and therapy tool to address sleep apnea.
  • 4th place -- DUO Health: Through secure online patient portals, nurse practitioners will empower patients by providing convenient, affordable prescription birth control options, and timely, discreet, nonjudgmental diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.
  • People's Choice Award -- Bionic6: An exoskeleton-based radiation protection system with a lightweight, compact and adjustable design that prevents traumatic orthopedic injuries and reduces radiation hazards for personnel exposed to radiation.
  • Healthcare Innovation Award: PARROT

Other finalists included:

  • Nuria -- Nuria's product helps anyone caring for a child to detect built-up levels of Phe instantly through urine instead of by the current method – blood tests that take days for results.
  • TableTop -- TableTop is a universal progressive web application that integrates with restaurant POS systems, allowing customers to pay their tab on their phone at their convenience.

The entire competition was fierce as teams pitched their ideas to a variety of judges and audiences. To start the competition, an application along with a three-minute video that explained each business model was submitted. A selection board reviewed the videos selecting and inviting teams to compete. Those teams continued to refine their ideas through a 10-page business plan.

Judges from within the business community reviewed the various teams’ 10-page plans and made their assessment. Of those reviewed, only 16 teams were able to make it to the next round, the Trade Show.

At the Trade Show teams were allowed to impress the judges with any display, prototypes and presentation that they had prepared. The energy in the room was intense as each team worked on explaining their idea to more than 100 business professionals, along with 70 volunteering student judges. 

After an energizing day of continuous presentations, seven teams were then selected to move on to the Final Round based on their chance of succeeding in the marketplace. Those seven were given the chance to present at the Final Round to a panel of judges.

Amongst the judges were some of the sponsors for this year’s competition, which include Foulston Siefkin, GoCreate, IMA Financial, INTRUST Bank, High Touch Technologies, Lubrication Engineers, NetWork Kansas, Riverside Health Foundation, and Jeff & Kelley DeGraffenreid. 

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