Newswise — This month, Newswise launches Google Fact Check as a new submission option for their network of communicators at more than 400 institutions worldwide. Submissions to this feed will be configured specifically for indexing as a fact check article in Google News and traditional search, in addition to standard distribution in the Newswise wires and website reaching more than 7,000 media subscribers.


“We designed Newswise-Google Fact Check to provide communicators with tools to engage in digital media conversations,” says Jessica Johnson, CEO of Newswise. “Our member organizations now have a clear channel to provide research and expertise to fact check topics where claims might be at odds with the truth.”


As reporters work to fight disinformation by doing quality journalism, Newswise is focused on providing them with sources for expert commentary and fact checking based on the most rigorous academic standards. Services such as Fast Pitch, Expert Pitch, Expert Directory, and the new Google Fact Check feed provide reporters with leading experts from the world’s top institutions on Newswise to help them do their jobs.


“The Google Fact Check feed on Newswise will enable reporters to add deeper layers of analysis to their reporting," says Johnson. “Having fact-checking already done by an expert source will enable them to write their stories more quickly and efficiently, without the sometimes lengthy back and forth required to get a statement from an expert.”


Submissions to the Google Fact Check feed on Newswise will include the ability to review claims made by public figures, news outlets, documentaries, corporations, and viral social media trends. Members in the Newswise network are encouraged to provide fact check articles on a variety of topics, including science, medicine, politics, and business news.


“With subjects like vaccines, climate, and public policy, there is a veritable minefield of disinformation put out by special interests, without regard for the facts,” says Newswise Client Services Manager Thom Canalichio. “Journalists do their best, but sometimes bad science makes it into mainstream media. We are going to help combat this.”


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