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Newswise: euromaidan_in_lviv_24.11.2013_11.jpg?itok=jXu0GAUa
Released: 8-Apr-2024 2:05 PM EDT
Ukraine & War in Eastern Europe
University of Colorado Boulder

The Ukraine-Russia War broke out in February 2022, when Russia launched air and land attacks against the sovereign nation of Ukraine. CU Boulder experts are available to discuss various topics related to the war in Ukraine, including the history of conflict, political diplomacy and economic impacts of the war on the United States.

Released: 20-Feb-2024 10:05 AM EST
Association for Molecular Pathology Releases Survey Findings and Recommendations to Improve Implementation of European Union’s In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation
Association for Molecular Pathology

The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP), the premier global, molecular diagnostic professional society, today released the results of its Impacts of the European Union (EU) In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) Survey. The anonymous survey was created and administered to molecular diagnostics professionals around the world to determine current levels of understanding, assess broad implications, and identify future trends related to the new regulation.

15-Feb-2024 1:45 PM EST
Lockdown skin cancer diagnosis delays linked to deaths and £6bn costs in Europe
University College London

Delays in diagnosing melanoma due to Covid-19 lockdowns may have contributed to over 100,000 years of life lost across Europe and over £6bn in costs, mainly indirectly due to loss of productivity, finds a new study led by UCL and University Hospital of Basel researchers.

Released: 13-Feb-2024 5:05 PM EST
Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday: the beginning 40 days of abstinence
University of Agder

Lent in the Church of Norway is a period of 40 days, beginning on Ash Wednesday an ending on Easter Saturday. The Sundays during this period are not considered days of fasting.

Released: 11-Jan-2024 10:05 AM EST
Understanding healthy and happy expectancy in former soviet countries
Sophia University

Researchers compare the health situation in Russia and Central Asian countries using a multifaceted approach to health.

Released: 29-Nov-2023 1:05 PM EST
Non-Europeans have more eating disorder symptoms - but are less likely to receive specialist treatment
Karolinska Institute

People in Sweden of non-European descent have almost three times as many eating disorder symptoms as people born in Sweden. But despite this, they have significantly less access to specialist treatment. This is according to new research from Karolinska Institutet published in BJPsych Open.

Released: 14-Nov-2023 4:05 PM EST
Europe was not covered by dense forest before the arrival of modern humans
Aarhus University

For decades, we believed that outside ice ages Europe was mostly covered by dense forest before the arrival of modern humans. Now, a new study shows that there was far more open and semi-open vegetation than conventionally expected

Released: 13-Nov-2023 3:05 PM EST
Mysterious new moth species discovered in Europe
Pensoft Publishers

European scientists discover new moth species after 40 years.

Released: 27-Oct-2023 11:05 AM EDT
Long COVID most prevalent in the most seriously ill
Karolinska Institute

Severe physical symptoms persist for up to two years in people who had a severe COVID-19 infection, highlighting the importance of long-term monitoring.

Newswise: Palex and Inbiomotion introduce pioneering test to aid
oncologists in predicting recurrence and survival rates in breast
cancer patients
Released: 29-Sep-2023 8:05 AM EDT
Palex and Inbiomotion introduce pioneering test to aid oncologists in predicting recurrence and survival rates in breast cancer patients
Fundació Institut de Recerca Biomèdica (IRB BARCELONA)

Spain is the first country in the world to have this technology • Results showing the clinical utility of the test were published in Lancet Oncology and the Journal of National Cancer Institute • The test is now available to oncologists and pathologists and will benefit an estimated 24,000 patients each year in Spain

Newswise: A cautionary tale: How Italy’s ChatGPT ban hurt businesses, economy
Released: 19-Sep-2023 12:05 PM EDT
A cautionary tale: How Italy’s ChatGPT ban hurt businesses, economy
Washington University in St. Louis

Initial data from Italy’s monthlong ChatGPT ban in early 2023 demonstrates the technology’s transformative impact on business and the economy, according to Jeremy Bertomeu at Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis

Released: 15-Aug-2023 4:05 PM EDT
London classrooms need more support to improve air quality
University of Surrey

Classrooms using dual ventilation systems can cut harmful air pollution in half compared to those that use normal ventilation, according to findings by the University of Surrey's Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE).

Released: 9-Aug-2023 11:55 AM EDT
New research links early Europeans’ cultural and genetic development over several thousand years
Uppsala University

A new DNA study has nuanced the picture of how different groups intermingled during the European Stone Age, but also how certain groups of people were actually isolated.

Released: 4-Aug-2023 2:50 PM EDT
New study shows increase in Welsh breastfeeding rates during pandemic
Swansea University

A Swansea University-led study revealed breastfeeding rates in Wales increased during the pandemic.

Released: 6-Jul-2023 1:05 PM EDT
New teaching method can even out children's reading skills
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

How well do children know letters and their corresponding sounds? In Norway, the gender difference on these tasks when children start school is significant. The girls have a clear head start. New results published in the journal Acta Psychology show that this discrepancy is not the case for first graders in Iceland.

Released: 5-Jul-2023 7:05 PM EDT
Factors associated with learning disabilities and autism led to requests for euthanasia and assisted suicide in the Netherlands, study finds
Kingston University

A Kingston University, London study found several people with learning disabilities and autism in the Netherlands chose to die legally through euthanasia and assisted suicide due to feeling unable to cope with the world, changes around them or because they struggled to form friendships.

Released: 12-Jun-2023 8:05 AM EDT
Ukraine Refugees Could Boost Europe’s GDP
North Carolina State University

New research suggests the influx of Ukrainian refugees across Europe will improve long-term GDP for European countries that invest in infrastructure and other capital improvements. However, countries receiving Ukrainian refugees will likely face significant costs in the short term.

Newswise: Why earthquakes happen more frequently in Britain than Ireland
Released: 8-Jun-2023 1:05 PM EDT
Why earthquakes happen more frequently in Britain than Ireland
University of Cambridge

Researchers from the University of Cambridge and the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies have discovered that variations in the thickness of tectonic plates relate directly to the distribution of earthquakes in Britain, Ireland and around the world.

Newswise: The “Sooty Bark Disease”, harmful for maples and humans, can be monitored by pollen sampling stations
Released: 6-Jun-2023 5:35 PM EDT
The “Sooty Bark Disease”, harmful for maples and humans, can be monitored by pollen sampling stations
Pensoft Publishers

Especially after the last few COVID-affected years, nobody doubts that emerging infectious diseases can threaten the whole world. But humans are not the only ones at risk! With intensive global trade, many tree parasites are accidently introduced to Europe in packaging or directly on goods. Traveling in the wood, on plants or in the soil of their pots, they can remain undetected for a long time.