Newswise — DARIEN, Conn.June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- As Migraine and Headache Awareness Month kicks off, CEFALY Technology is celebrating its 8th anniversary in the United States and a major milestone: 2 billion migraines treated with the CEFALY migraine treatment device.

CEFALY helps people with migraine relieve their pain and prevent attacks with clinically proven, drug-free treatment. An external trigeminal nerve stimulation (e-TNS) device, CEFALY delivers mild electric stimulation to reduce pain signals of the trigeminal nerve, a primary pathway for migraine pain.

At least 39 million Americans live with migraine, which is a complex, debilitating and often misunderstood neurological disorder. This June, CEFALY Technology joins many other migraine activists in advocating for treatment access. We are proud to offer an accessible option that enables migraine sufferers to control their own treatment and regain power over their lives.

Key CEFALY highlights:

  • The first CEFALY device was introduced in Belgium in 2008.
  • In 2014, CEFALY became the first FDA-cleared migraine treatment device for the prevention of migraines.
  • In 2017, CEFALY became FDA-clearedfor the acute treatment of migraines.
  • Since 2020, CEFALY has been the only FDA-cleared migraine treatment device used for the treatment and prevention of migraine that is available without a prescription.

"The approval and availability of CEFALY's eTNS technology has completely changed the landscape of what's possible for treating migraine," said Dr. Michael A. L. Johnson, M.D., Director of Medical Affairs for CEFALY Technology. "CEFALY meets a longstanding need for effective, drug-free migraine treatment that is individualized and user-controlled."

"I'm honored and humbled to know that CEFALY has played such an important role in relieving 2 billion migraine attacks — and counting," said Jen Trainor McDermott, CEO of CEFALY Technology. "We'll continue to educate the public about the burden of migraine and empower people to take charge of their treatment routine."

About the CEFALY device:

CEFALY Technology is the maker of CEFALY, an FDA-cleared, over-the-counter wearable medical device clinically proven to help reduce migraine frequency and relieve migraine pain. CEFALY is a non-invasive device placed on the forehead to modify pain sensation in the area research identifies as a center for migraine pain, the trigeminal nerve. The device offers two distinct treatment options -— a 60-minute ACUTE setting that serves as an abortive treatment for pain relief at the onset of a migraine, which is clinically proven to stop or reduce migraine pain during an attack; and a 20-minute PREVENT setting for daily use to help prevent future episodes.

About CEFALY Technology:

CEFALY Technology is a Belgium based company with U.S. offices based in Darien, Conn., specializing in electronics for medical applications. CEFALY Technology's mission is to provide the migraine community with forward-thinking treatments that are drug-free and clinically proven to relieve and prevent future attacks.

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