Newswise — San Francisco, CA (May 25, 2023) Ceevra, Inc., an advanced visualization software company that generates patient-specific 3D digital images from standard CT scans and MRIs, has received FDA 510(k) clearance for the next version of its software, and its first to utilize machine learning algorithms. 

Ceevra 3D images are used by leading surgeons in multiple specialties – including urologic and thoracic surgery – for preoperative planning, patient counseling and intraoperative information. Ceevra utilizes advanced computing techniques in generating its 3D images, and these techniques now include AI. 

“To our knowledge, Ceevra is the first and only FDA-cleared software intended for surgical planning that uses machine learning algorithms in generating 3D imaging for urologic and thoracic surgeries,” said Russ Yoshinaka, Ceevra’s chief executive officer. “We lead the industry in developing AI that will enable 3D imaging to become standard of care for cancer operations.”

Ceevra was founded in 2016 to improve cancer operations by applying modern technology advancements – such as cloud, mobile and computer vision – to medical imaging. Unlike most other 3D software products, Ceevra 3D images are generated entirely by Ceevra’s software and services in the cloud and are conveniently viewed by surgeons from either their mobile devices or computers.

“Unlike other industries where the use case for AI may be undefined and potentially controversial, the use case for AI in 3D surgical imaging is clear: To match or even exceed human capability to interpret medical images and aid the surgeon in generating optimal surgical plans,” said Dr. Joseph Shirk, Ceevra’s chief medical officer. “AI has the potential to dramatically improve surgical cancer care, and we’ve now completed a tangible step towards unlocking that potential.”  

About Ceevra, Inc.

Ceevra is an advanced visualization medical software company that generates patient-specific 3D digital models from existing CT scans and MRIs. Ceevra supports numerous clinical specialities including urologic surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecological surgery and general surgery. Ceevra’s 3D images are in use at leading academic medical centers and two of the ten largest health systems in the US. For more information, visit