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Article title: Calcium released by osteoclastic resorption stimulates autocrine/paracrine activities in local osteogenic cells to promote coupled bone formation

Authors: Abu Shufian Ishtiaq Ahmed, Matilda H. C. Sheng, Kin-Hing William Lau, Sean M. Wilson, Daniel Wongwarawat, Xiaolei Tang, Mahdis Ghahramanpouri, Antoine Nehme, Yi Xu, Amir Abdipour, Xiao-Bing Zhang, Samiksha Wasnik, David J. Baylink

From the authors: “In conclusion, our data, together with published data, strongly support the conclusion that calcium signaling plays a vital role in regulating coupled bone formation. The complete mechanistic pathway involved in calcium-regulated coupled bone formation is an important future goal.”

This study is highlighted as one of June’s “best of the best” as part of the American Physiological Society's APSselect program.

Journal Link: American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology

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American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology