Newswise — Holmdel, NJ – January 17, 2018 – Hackensack Meridian Health Bayshore Medical Center is proud to announce that it has expanded services to include transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) back surgery to stabilize spinal vertebra to help reduce pain and nerve irritation in patients with certain spine conditions, degenerative disc disease, or recurrent disc herniations. 

“For people living with chronic back pain, TLIF surgery can be very effective,” says Howard Eisenbrock, D.O., a neurosurgeon with Bayshore Medical Center. “This type of surgery might be recommended for people suffering from disabling lower back and leg symptoms that have not improved with other non-surgical treatments.”

Lumbar fusion surgery creates a solid bone between adjoining vertebra, eliminating movement between bones. During TLIF surgery, surgical hardware such as screws and rods are placed into the vertebra. The disc space is then entered and the existing disc material is removed. A spacer, or interbody cage, is then filled with bone graft and placed into the disc space to maintain disc height. As the bone graft heals, it fuses the vertebra above and below and forms one long bone.

Patients who undergo TLIF spinal fusion surgery can expect to be admitted to the hospital for approximately two to three days. The day after surgery they are out of bed and able to begin physical therapy. Two weeks later, patients will have a follow-up visit with the surgeon.

“TLIF spinal fusion surgeries can be very effective in reducing pain,” says Dr. Eisenbrock. “However, like with any surgery, there are risks associated with spinal surgery and so it’s important for patients to make sure they are seeking a highly trained surgeon to perform the surgery.”

For more information about TLIF spinal surgery or other surgical services offered at Bayshore Medical Center, please call 732-739-5962.

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